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Ever since, my brother & I have had a desire of having a dog at home, you know as a pet, even though we were like quite afraid of dogs. I mean who isn’t afraid of those wild looking things. Anyhow, despite our parents disapproval: my father didn’t like dogs & my mom was afraid to have one again (you know how it is after one dies!), every once in a while we used to discuss how it would be like to have a dog around, what we’ll name it, which breed it shall be, who’ll take care of it, etc.

It all started when my Chachu with his dog Sapphire came over to our place for a week. That week was surely a hilarious & over thrilling one for us. The most amusing part being that my brother was so afraid of that poor dog that he didn’t even dare out of his room that week & even if he did, he would continuously shout & scream & hide himself in his quilt as if Sapphire could not smell or see him through that quilt of his. At last when we bid adieu to Chachu & Sapphire, my younger brother, Ronit did finally touch Sapphire. Eventually the basic crooks behind me telling you all this stuff is that we, like all of us : me, my mom, my dad & even my brother fell in love with dogs. And our eagerness to have one increased threefold.

Without any knowledge of ours we soon came to know that our father had already started getting in touch with NGO’s and dog care homes for the adoption of a dog, the younger the better he said so as to eradicate my brother’s fear of dogs. Soon we started short listing a few, as me & my bro. soon came to know abut it all. Finally our heart went away to the cutest of all – a tiny, 20 day old mix lab. That black little bundle was the most adorable one I’d ever seen. I so fell in love with that boy (doggy)! Kindly to bring to your notice that all this was going on in the midst of my final examinations.

So we requested the NGO to keep him for another few days. They surely agreed on to it & even arranged a foster parent for him till we were to go & get him. His foster family was supposed to be a well to be good sardar one, but the only thing there being that the Uncle Ji wanted to take it with him to make his wife & his son actually love dogs. The NGO’s review on this being that as the mother of the family was not ready to accept COCO as came to be his name there, will not be able to survive without a mother & all her loving care! So they found us to be just the apt family for him!!

One day for I remember it to be the one of my English paper, I returned back home & my parents quite dramatically announced that the foster family just conveyed a message being that If they fell in love with Coco which was like so possible, they’d like to keep him forever. For a moment, it shattered all my dreams, but later I started taking out all the frustration of not having Coco on the one’s around me as it was a painful news that I got! I could not bear such a thing to happen as for the past oh, so many days all I had dreamt about was him & all I had talked about was, barely did I study! The environment in the house from that of fun, frolic & excitement changed into one of silence. By the end of the day after a few hot thoughtful conversation our parent came to a conclusion at 10:30 pm (after all that tension about leaving coco forever!) that…… we would go & get him right after dinner on the same day itself. I was surely on the top of the world after this greatly amazing news. We got ready for the d-day or to be more precise the D-MOMENT & aye even got a bed ready for him in a small little cardboard box, with a bed sheet & a tiny little pillow with a dog popping out of it. This left us with only one thing to do, find a good enough covering for him, so that he doesn’t feel to cold. We searched, & we searched, we found nothing, retired we took one of mom’s warmest shawls for him (good heavens, lucky thing I would say!). And off we were. The car journey to east Delhi seemed like the longest one EVER, seeming to stretch on & on & on forever.

The moment I saw him I went into a state of……I mean, all I could see was him , my puppy, my little brother and a motherly feeling took over me & I was lost relishing the beauty of the adorable cute little tenderly delicate baby!

He slept on my lap the entire way back, which seemed like just too short. I felt like flying, as I was that happy. Whereas coming on to my brother, he did not even touch Coco, he was too scared to! And soon enough, in the car itself, both my little brothers dosed off around me, the youngest one still shivering. Reaching back home we realized that neither could the puppy walk, nor did he have any teeth, all he wanted to do was sleep & of course eat his CERELAC & was just  & is still like a human baby for us-cute, tender, vulnerable, adorable & obviously we had to take utmost care of him!

Finally after two days my brother gathered up the courage to go up to the puppy, actually touch him, cuddle him & take him in his laps. Now they are the bestest of friends & neither one of them does anything with the other, which is like so cute! Surely, two good things did come out of all this. Firstly, my brother & I are not that scared of dogs all that much anymore. And, secondly, both of us don’t fight all that much anymore as we’re like pretty much all the time consumed in playing with Tinu!

Days went by, he started growing & our bond grew stronger day by day. Even a single day without him now feels unbearable, even going to school feels painful! And by the way did I tell you, we named him Tintin Singh (which my friends surely disapprove of :P) & his petty pet name being “Lappy” as he’ll always be found sitting in somebody’s lap or the other. I can guarantee you this much that he is & always will be the most amiable dog around town!

Now he’s 2 and a half month old. People do say that the bond between me & my Tintin is the most extraordinary one they’ve ever seen & yes, I agree, he is & always will be my BESTEST friend forever & ever & ever…….my love TINTIN!!


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