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To start with what does the term “Risk Conscious” even means? Well risk is a potential that a certain chosen activity or even a state of inactivity may lead to a certain loss, hazard or unfavorable outcome. Whereas conscious means being aware of one’s surroundings, existence, thoughts, sensations, etc.

We have been born & bought up, have nurtured our minds to weigh the consequences-the risks of the occurrence of any situation before making a decision. Thereby taught to be RISK CONSCIOUS since childhood.

So now coming onto the topic on hand – are we too risk-conscious these days? Well obviously yes, we are.  Because most certainly, I personally am.  Being a part of the contemporary world, as the topic refers to these days, I automatically become a part of it and so do those whose thoughts, actions and believes that are similar to mine. Everybody in this world is unique yet simultaneously we all share some characteristics or attributes. Therefore my being risk-conscious is certainly a trait that I share with millions of others, on the face of this planet. So I take the ‘we’ in the topic as ‘I’ and when I make my decision it automatically becomes ‘our’. Having put forward this argument, I shall now begin explaining why I think I am too risk conscious.

Just the other day, while watching a Tom Cruise thriller- I realized how risk conscious I actually am! Well to get to the point, the movie included him taking a lot of risks, well being fearless. And being myself I just couldn’t stop shouting out loud for him (being quite next to impossible!) to stop taking risks with his life, just turn around & return back home safely to his kids & have a little sense of self-preservation, to be RISK CONSCIOUS! Not that I wish to imply that a sense of self-preservation & risk consciousness are merely the same thing- well they are class apart, however in this case I doubt not!

We human beings have a pretty disdainful habit of over-analyzing situations, well most of us do, you know thinking about what a certain decision might lead us onto, might have in store for us in the long run- how I might look back at this instance & scorn at myself for choosing this alternative & not the other one, instead of just thinking about its effect on our near future. For instance, personally I at school think about doing anything unacceptable or maybe just different in fear of being labeled being marked as notorious which might in the long run botch the recommendations that I would need from my teachers to get into one of the Ivy Leagues. Hence every decision I take has to be pondered over at least thrice- even if it’s just asking the silliest of doubts from the strictest of teachers in the apprehension of leaving behind a poor impression- weighing out all my decisions before every step I take, every turn I make. Thereby being RISK CONSCIOUS!

Don’t you just love to let yourself loose with no worries & just stand there feel the rain falling around you- glorifying all that it come in touch with! I mean who doesn’t like to rain dance-everybody does right? There is this sudden urge which by just feeling the savory effect of the rain makes me feel like running right out of the house & revel in it-splish & splash & shout. This urge is so great that I am about to sprint right out but then a thought strikes me…..What if…..What if I fall ill? I would be unable to attend school. I’ll fall behind everyone else in the studies; I’ll have to work even harder to cover up….What if this affects my grades severely? What if due to these bad grades I end up no university accepts me? My dreams and years of hard work will go down the drain just because I had my way on a nice rainy day. The consequences are too great to bear so I suppress the urge to follow my heart and I tell the voices in my head to shut up!  Just because the risks are too great-the risk of catching fever, the risk of getting bad grades, lagging behind everyone else and the risk of being rejected prevent me from following my vain desire. And I do go through a similar dilemma when it comes to having some ice popsicles during wintertime or some pickle right before my exams or a singing completion. Yes, I am too RISK CONSCIOUS!

As I, was writing this essay, thinking about a good topic, hoping that by some stroke of fate, just something, anything should evoke some incredibly deep and brilliant thought. After ten minutes, I give up on trying to find an idea that will make me come across as a brooding intellectual.  I decided that maybe it would be best to try to appear wise and knowledgeable, but I just couldn’t find a mind-blowing enlightened approach to any topic-they just didn’t click. I remember my teacher saying once, that a good essay is one written from experience. My paper was still blank, and slightly untidy from the constant erasing. I have never really had a problem with writing essays before, but for some reason, I was stumped today. I do not want to write something too literal, for fear of coming across as unimaginative. I do not want to write something too figurative and risk sounding pretentious. Suddenly, I realized that, Oh My God, why am I being so risk conscious, it’s not like I am going to be judged on what I am going to write about, it’s not like I have to go about making people read all of my writing pieces, and so I wrote about how I am a risk conscious member of society. I am more concerned about what I am expected me to write than what I want to write.

Looking at it from a wider perspective… a country would weigh all the consequences before starting war on another, the government too, before going forward with any decision that it has to go forward with, takes into opinion everybody’s view, or for that instance even a simple businessman would weigh all odds in his favor before going forward with any business deal.. All being RISK CONSCIOUS!

So yes, I’m too risk conscious. But so are we all a bit too risk conscious. Our generation has been raised to weigh the consequences- to be risk conscious.  So here we are in a world of the risk-conscious, living like a risk consciously- all but sub-consciously!


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