INDIA: The Now and Then

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At the stroke of midnight on 15th of August 1947, India gained her much awaited independence, with the combined efforts, struggles and sacrifices of many. Following her attainment of independence, India was faced with a row full of problems-from dowry to poverty to child marriage and illiteracy. However, our leaders did not give up and instead began an earnest quest towards making India a major super power in the world.
Today, nearly 67 years after independence, everything has changed. Change is the law of nature, governing everything in this universe. Changes are more like two faces of a coin-some changes have been beneficial for our society and culture; however, at the same time others have been unviable.
With time, we have left behind old inhumane yet traditional methodologies and have accepted wider undiscriminating means for the society, providing equal opportunities for the females and the minorities. AT the same time, yes, we have progressed in the spheres of technology and education too and people all over the world do look up to Indians as the most intelligent and the meticulous ones.
We do say that, the British rule over us, exploited our resources and us. Yet in the end, what they did leave us with was UNITY. Unity that is nowhere to be seen nowadays. But, woah, what am I expecting, we barely see unity amongst two siblings in a family these days, unity in an entire nation, is just too much to ask for. Looking at the level of our modern day leaders, I feel ashamed. Just once try and compare our age old leaders, the ones that we had form 1947 to 1965 and the present ones, and you will certainly undergo the same turmoil of emotions as I. Coming on to economy, well, yes, to tell the world has progressed and is going great. Nevertheless, just once having seen the unemployment rates of our nation, you too would say that they are disastrous. I would not say that the nation is not doing enough for the unemployed, it is. With the population so high and the lack of opportunities & sky-high competition, a fresher solution is needed for it all.
There are negative aspects in this contemporary India of ours, but it can all be solved if the upcoming younger generation is morally, intellectually and ethically strong. And one day for sure, India will be the paradise it was, once again.

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