Is the  LGBT Supreme Court Ruling Justified?

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I am a supporter of gay rights. From the time I was a kid, I have never been able to understand attacks upon the gay community.

At a time when world over, positive judgments are being made in favor of rights of the gay community, the world’s largest democracy-India’s Supreme Court has overturned a lower court’s ruling, decriminalizing gay sex, which is punishable with jail time.

I feel that all beings, homosexual or not are entitled to equality and expression, as freely as others. However the situation being seated in one the world’s most conservative societies, was not a shock for all, but for all that it is I am glad that India has activists standing up against it. The refractory feelings against this 98 page captious judgment, is against the constitutional rights of Indian citizens, violating their fundamental rights to life, liberty and equality before the law and against discrimination. I feel, it is the mindset of the masses, that need a change, as equality should be an unfettered act, that no one has the right to forebear and proscribe, and also to keep in mind that homosexuality is natural. I can only image the pressures on gay people, in the society, which must be overwhelming–to keep secrets, tell lies, deny who they are, and try to be who they are not.

Just the other day, discussing the very same issue with my friends and family, I got the same insipid, banal and laid back response, as to how I should not be concerned with it, if it does not affect me, in anyway, howsoever. Nevertheless, it does matter to me, as living in an egalitarian society, with no stereotypical backwardness, is something that I have always had a predilection for.

The Supreme Court’s decision to make being gay illegal is undemocratic and their reason- “it is against nature”- is prehistoric, especially at a watershed event when, India is still recovering from the gang rape case, in its capital Delhi, and is coercing towards making India a safer place for women, this judgment against gay sex comes out to be licentiously ironical. The entire scenario wherein the the government is insolently trying to rule over the personal lives of it is citizens is ingnominiously incredulous for India as a progressing country.

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