The Indian Woman of Today

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I know this might take a feminist turn, but I need to pen this down…

Why can’t women be respected in this nation? Why is it that women are objectified, or treated like a commodity? Why is it that women are still not treated as equals to their men counterparts? Why are we women not provided with equal opportunities in the society? Why is there still discrimination against us, women? Why are women still considered the weaker species in this country? Why are the women not allowed to progress? Why are we held back? Why can’t the son and the daughter be given the same amount of liberty and independence when going out of the house? Why are our parents more scared to leave their daughters out of the house, and not their sons? Why is it that it’s unsafe for me to travel alone in a cab or even the metro for that matter, but it is perfectly alright if a guy is accompanying me? Is Indian society really that unsafe for the women to live in? These are questions that I, and I am pretty sure the majority female population of the nation, are desperately searching answers to.

Despite years of progress and development in the Indian society, women are still not considered to be at par with the men. I agree that progress has been made, and women have flourished in practically every professional field. However, they are still expected to give the same amount of energy towards the household tasks and towards rearing the children back at home. Why is it that when the woman of the house is doing the same amount of work as the man, bringing in the same amount of money as the man, the man, however on the other hand, is not putting in the same amount of energy and time towards the household tasks. Why can’t the household be run by mutual efforts of the two. Why can’t we rise above this gender discrimination of tasks? As the saying “Charity begins at home.” goes, the equality and respect that we women yearn for in the society, should first be attained at home. It all begins from home. The boys from the very beginning should be taught to treat the girls as equal to them, and not weaker to them, not somebody they have to protect. The girls should similarly not be taught that they are the weaker part of the society, and need to be protected or constantly be in shadow of their brothers.

I feel that majority of the above stated problems will themselves diminish the moment this nation learns to respect it’s women. When the men can worship female deities, the least that they can do is learn to respect the women in their lives, to actually show some faithfulness towards these deities. The day Indian men give their fellow women even a minute 10% of the respect that they show to these deities, this country will be a transformed one. Here, primarily to accept this respect from the men, the women need to learn to respect themselves first. If you don’t respect yourself, how can you expect somebody else to respect you. When you will not be willing to accept that respect, the other party will also stop showing you the same. The women need to take the first step her to improvise the plight of the women in the nation.

When I talk of equal opportunities for women, I am not talking about making special provisions for women in the society, I’m talking about having such an egalitarian society that without such reservations, there is equal representation by both the sexes. Isn’t that what feminism in the first place is all about? Having equal rights, opportunities and treatments both sexes alike, holding no one sex above the other. I agree that initially there was a need for such reservations to bring up women representation in the society, to encourage the women to move out of their homes and build up a life outside it too. However, in today’s world, such reservations for women hold no place, as the modern day women wants more than just a satisfying home life, they yearn for an equally satisfying professional life too. The only obstacle, however, in their path to attaining such heights is the constant tug by the men of the society, who try to pull down any woman who comes up above him, not in a state of competitiveness but instead just because she is a woman. When will the men learn that having a woman above them in the corporate hierarchy does in no way hurt their ego or manly status.

Great are those men who help these women reach such heights by their constant support and love, not letting their woman being discouraged by the likes of the petty among their sex. It is such men that our society eagerly desires, to reach the heights that India is meant to achieve. Imagine what Indians could create with their talent and skill, if the women were allowed to rise alongside the men. The day the Indian men transform into such men, rise above all this shallow pettiness will be the day India becomes a real super power in the world. That is the day when India truly will become indestructible.

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