The Learning Curve Successfully Held its First Two Meets

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As declared in my previous post, we have successfully given flight to this nouveau venture, by holding two educational meets within a fortnight, in the Gheja Area of Noida.

On the first day, we managed collecting around 20 children from the age group of 3-15 years. The children shared their experiences, talents and desires with great enthusiasm. We could see a flame shining in each and every one of those children, waiting for the right guidance and support to help them to shine bright. The children,a s well as their parents, and the entire neighborhood in general, had a very warm and welcoming attitude towards us. The day revolved around getting to know these children, and their aspirations better, to help us plan the best way to help them out. The day was concluded by finalizing the date for the next meet, as well by distributing biscuits to all the children present. The very first experience that we had, showered us with such immense love and respect from all the children, which gave us a higher kick to do something great for these kids.
The second day, we got a collection of 30 odd children, comprising of not only the children we got the previous time round but also a couple of new children too, who had heard so much about us from their friends, that they had an urge wanted to meet us. Wanting to help as many children as possible, these new children were given the same opportunity to express themselves, and their desires and talents, as our old children. Having been motivated by us so much during the previous session, a couple of children put up a special talent show for us, which was surely a treat for the eyes.
Next we went on to, having a general discussion over our Prime Minister’s latest venture of ‘Swachh Bharat’ with the children, which helped us understand the level of awareness that these students had. This further led to a more detailed and informative discussion with them regarding the importance of this issue, and all that we can do as citizens of this country to take this initiative forward. The main reason why we took up this topic was that cleanliness and hygiene is the very first and prime most aspect of being educated, and is the most important way to help to take forward this nation. As we believe that a country that is healthy is a country that can lead. And cleanliness is what dictates hygiene. The day was concluded by distributing sheets among the children to express themselves, and their feelings best on the topic at hand. The result was a compilation of great talent in a stack of paper. Furthermore, teh children were awarded with lollipos and Frooti each, for their great hard work and efforts that they put in with us, enabling us to help them in return.

However, this was not all. We plan on taking up this venture to new and betterĀ heights, by not only helping out these children that we have interacted with in the past few days, but also taking it up in other rural areas of Noida, and Delhi NCR too slowly. We will keep updating our plans and initiatives, and their outcomes regularly on our Facebook page.
We are doing our little part to help elevate the awareness and education in our country. You too can play your part and fulfill your moral duty towards the nation. Help educate!


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