The Learning Curve To Hold Educational Meet in Rural Area

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We are announcing our first educational meet to be held in the upcoming week, wherein we are going to gather a batch of 15-20 children from the rural community. During this primary session, we are planning on have a generalised introductory session with the children we end up assembling. Our aim for this session is to know them, know their dreams and aspirations, know their talents, and help harness all that each child has into a more fruitful direction, to help them in their future.

Our second session shall be held a week after that. During this session we plan on carrying out fun activities for the children, to help demonstrate their talents, and come forward in life. We also plan on holding a brief discussion on “Swacch Bharat”, to see the level of awareness among these children, and accordingly carry out the discussion and help improve their personal hygiene, as well as the cleanliness in the country. More information regarding the next sessions and the outcomes of the first two sessions shall be regularly posted on our facebook page.

We are doing our little part to help elevate the awareness and education in our country. You too can play your part and fulfil your moral duty towards the nation. Help educate!


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