Value Education: A remedy for Social evils

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The values of the present day generations are diminishing day by day and none of them are giving into the modern day evils of the living world. We need to stop this mishap and save the future of our country. Thus we need to provide our new generations with some value education to bring them back up.

The more you look around the more social evils will you find. Corruption, bribery, politics in daily life, drinking and driving and even molesting these days has become a “fad”, are only a few to name.

Taking up corruption for example we do say that India is becoming corrupt every day, but do we work towards it, work towards making India corruption free. No we don’t, we ourselves add to the corruption of this country every day, each one of us does, being corrupt in our daily life. Bribery too is not behind corruption in this case. Don’t we see people bribing even the police man these days. Taking for instance, the BMW scenario that took place a few years back wherein that rich guys son was driving the car drunk did he get punished the way he should have. No he was out of the jail the second day itself.

Politics in daily life – aren’t all of us sick and tired of these politics everywhere we go. No one person let us stay clean and lead a peaceful life. People just can’t see others more successful and happier than themselves, they want to be on the top everywhere and this happens at school level too.

I say providing kids with sex education at school level is not something one should be ashamed of – well it is a part of value education. And this will really help those kids forward to not commit certain mistakes in life and might even bring down the number of molestation cases in the future.

The road rash is something that is one of the evils of today too, which needs to be checked upon. The drinking and driving part I doubt can be helped out – only value education for the future generation can sort this matter out.

Value education wherein kids are instilled with good level of moral and ethical values which help them forward in life, make them better citizens to prevent or bring down the above mentioned social evils is surely the need of the day!

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